COVID-19 Return-to-Work

We offer COVID-19 Return-to-Work products and services, including COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessments, COVID-19 Workplace Procedures, COVID-19 Employee Induction Training.

Legal Registers

We offer our clients comprehensive, customised legal registers at competitive prices. Contact us to enquire about the various options available.

Training Courses

Legricon offers various courses on Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management to safeguard our clients against the risks of non-compliance.

Legal Compliance Audits

Legal compliance audits will be determined by the scope which can focus on Occupational health and safety, environmental or a combination of both.

Legal Consulting

We determine which Legal compliance audits are required based on the scope of your business, which can focus on Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental management or a combination of both.

Review and Drafting of Contractor SHE Agreements

The Legricon Team will help your business to cover all your bases with a comprehensive contractor occupational safety, health and environmental performance agreement that satisfy the requirements of section 37(2) of the OHS Act, and much more…