About Us

Legricon was founded in March 2003 when a spirited group of legal consults came together with the goal of serving their clients with cost-effective and professional solutions for legal compliance management.

Today Legricon is made up of a formidable team of consultants who are all qualified and experienced lawyers. With our special expertise in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental law we are currently servicing clients operating in a wide range of industries based in 13 African countries, from South Africa’s neighbouring countries to as far north as the DRC and Kenya..

Our Vision

To assist our clients in minimising and managing legal risks through achieving and maintaining legal compliance in their operational activities, with specific initial focus on Safety, Health and Environmental legal requirements.

Our Mission

Legricon will achieve its vision through the following offerings to our clients:

BEE Status

Legricon is an EME and qualifies as a level 4 contributor.

Company Profile

Company Profile